Peruvian-style fried rice (arroz chaufa recipe)

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Fried rice, known as “Arroz Chaufan” or “Chaufa,” is a popular Chifa dish derived from Chinese cuisine. It consists of stir-fried rice with vegetables, eggs, and chicken, or in this case, shrimp. Although it may seem complicated, it’s actually a quick and easy dish to make, making it perfect for using up leftover rice from the previous day.

Basil dip

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One of my favorite flavors of summer is basil, and this basil and cheese dip is absolutely delicious, perfect for appetizers or to add an irresistible touch to a melted cheese sandwich. Tip for preparing this dip: Preparing this basil dip is very simple, and you just need to pay attention to one detail: make … Read more

Poppy seed pie

recipe of poppy seed tart

This poppy seed pie recipe is one of those classic recipes that our grandmothers used to prepare, and unfortunately, we often forget about them.

Chilean alfajores

recipe of chilean alfajores

The Chilean alfajores are delicious and incredibly easy to make. Moreover, we can create a variety of versions based on our preferences: adding raspberries or strawberries, coconut, walnuts, almonds, or anything else we desire to the dulce de leche filling to give them an extra special touch. The recipe I will provide you with is … Read more

Shrimp risotto

shrimp risotto recipe

This recipe for Shrimp Risotto is simple, easy and delicious. Serves as a main dish or as an sidedish on cold days. Risotto is a delicious typical Italian dish, which is born more specifically in the north from where it spread to the whole country and then the world. This dish is made based on … Read more

Delicious and creamy scalloped potatoes recipe (gluten-free)

receta papas a la crema

This recipe for scalloped potatoes with heavy cream or au gratin potatoes is foolproof and everyone will love it. What makes this scalloped potato recipe special? Instead of using white sauce, which contains all-purpose flour for thickening, we´ll make the creamy cheese sauce whit heavy whipping cream. That makes this elegant side dish perfect for … Read more

Zucchini carpaccio

This zucchini carpaccio is a light and healthy version of the traditional carpaccio that originated in Italy, although nowadays carpaccios are prepared with various ingredients, including seafood like abalone. Tips for preparing this zucchini carpaccio: The key to all carpaccios lies in cutting the main ingredient VERY thinly and making all slices of the same … Read more