Poppy seed pie

recipe of poppy seed tart irenemercadal.com

This poppy seed pie recipe is one of those classic recipes that our grandmothers used to prepare, and unfortunately, we often forget about them.

Sicilian lemon granita recipe (granita al limone)


This lemon granita is absolutely delicious, super fresh, and very easy to make. We could also prepare it with other fruit juices, the most common flavors are oranges, tangerines, or grapefruits although one of my favorites is Meyer lemons which are a mix between lemon and mandarin. Granita is born in Italy, more specifically in … Read more

Blackberry kuchen

kuchen de mora irenemercadal.com

This blackberry kuchen is a delicious recipe, it´s filling is made with yogurt and is very similar in texture and flavor to the cheesecake. About the filling of this kuchen: Although it can look very similar to the German style raspberry kuchen, or the poppy seed pie the filling of both kuchens is different, the … Read more

Easy dulce de leche dessert

This easy dulce de leche dessert is the simple and easy version of the well-known suspiro limeño. All of us who have ever prepared suspiro limeño know that it’s quite laborious to make, and YES it’s delicious (that’s why it’s one of the best known South American desserts worldwide) but if we think about it, … Read more