Chilean green sauce

chilean green sauce recipe

Salsa verde or green sauce is a classic Chilean dip or sauce, just like pebre or chancho en piedra, and it serves as an accompaniment to a wide variety of foods: meats, freshly baked bread, French fries, and many more. Like all classic recipes, there are many versions, so here’s mine. What’s in the salsa … Read more

Basil dip

basil dip recipe by

One of my favorite flavors of summer is basil, and this basil and cheese dip is absolutely delicious, perfect for appetizers or to add an irresistible touch to a melted cheese sandwich. Tip for preparing this dip: Preparing this basil dip is very simple, and you just need to pay attention to one detail: make … Read more

Chives sauce

This chives sauce is one of my favorites. It´s ideal for salads (especially cucumber or lettuce) but the truth is that it has many more uses, it can be used for appetizers, for sandwiches or whatever you prefer. This chives sauce is super original and versatile, it can be used from dressing for salads (especially … Read more