Chilean alfajores

recipe of chilean alfajores

The Chilean alfajores are delicious and incredibly easy to make. Moreover, we can create a variety of versions based on our preferences: adding raspberries or strawberries, coconut, walnuts, almonds, or anything else we desire to the dulce de leche filling to give them an extra special touch. The recipe I will provide you with is … Read more

Parmesan scallops

Parmesan scallops is one of the most delicious appetizers, perfect for any occasion. What is the origin of Parmesan scallops? This recipe of Parmesan scallops are the “younger siblings” of razor clams parmesan, a delicious preparation believed to have been created at the San Marco restaurant in the city of Viña del Mar. They are … Read more

Raspberry mojito

This raspberry mojito is my new favorite cocktail, it´s soft, refreshing and the perfect combination of lemon acid and sweet raspberries. We all know the classic mojitos, that delicious Cuban cocktail based on rum, lemon and peppermint (spearmint is a very close relative to peppermint, but they can be replaced by each other in this … Read more

Chilean pebre


Pebre and green sauce are the most populars dips or sauces in Chile, and no typical Chilean restaurant serves a dish without its. Each place has its own version of the recipe, giving it unique touches. Here, I’ll share what I consider to be the base recipe. This dip or sauce is very similar to … Read more

Quick shrimp ceviche with avocado

ceviche de camaron

This shrimp ceviche with avocado is fresh, light and delicious, perfect as an main dish or appetizer on summer days. What´s the origen of ceviche? Ceviche is a recipe that can be found throughout the Pacific Ocean coast in Latin America, so there are multiple versions of the recipe, its “supposed” origin and the reason … Read more

Conger broth

Caldillo de congrio or conger broth is, in my opinion, one of the tastiest dishes in Chilean cuisine. So much so, that the poet Pablo Neruda, our Nobel Prize winner for Literature, dedicated a text to him called “Oda al caldillo de Congrio” that appeared in the work “Elementary Odes” of 1954. “In the sea/stormy/of … Read more

Chilean vaina

The vaina is a Chilean cocktail so traditional that it is almost consumed more than the pisco sour (or when I was a waitress in a bar it was)It is made from some old sweet wine, cognac, white or malt vermouth, egg white (to make the foam) and sprinkled with cinnamon powder.This cocktail is very … Read more

Colemono, Chilean eggnog

receta cola de mono

The colemono or cola de mono (monkey tail) is a cocktail of Chilean gastronomy, made with brandy, milk, coffee, sugar and spices (optionally: cinnamon, cloves, vanilla and orange peel). Its alcohol content reaches 14 degrees and it is widely consumed at Christmas and New Year, often accompanied by Easter bread. Due to its sweetness and … Read more