How to make Leche asada recipe (roasted milk dessert)

Leche asada is a classic and great dessert that is a simpler and quicker version of the traditional flan.

Origins of leche asada recipe:

Flan is an ancient dessert, with records indicating that the Phoenicians, Greeks, and Romans (who also added honey) were already preparing a “pre-flan” centuries before Christ, which was simply whole milk and eggs cooked in a water bath to set the eggs and create this kind of custard.

During the Middle Ages, this dessert became increasingly popular, especially in Portugal and Spain, where many foods were prohibited during Lent, but milk, eggs, and sugar were not among the forbidden foods. So it began to be prepared more similarly to what it is today, with caramel and flavorings added to the milk, such as vanilla, cinnamon, caramel, or citrus zest. 

Different types of flan desserts in South America:

When flan arrived in Latin America during the colonial period, it quickly spread throughout the continent, and, like everything in cooking, local versions began to emerge.

For example, in Peru, there’s “leche volteada,” which is made with condensed milk. 

In Mexico, there’s “flan Napolitano,” which includes condensed milk and evaporated milk.

In Panama, coconut milk, evaporated milk, and condensed milk are added to his flan.

In Venezuela, “quesillo” is made with condensed milk and cooked in a water bath. 

Finally, we have “leche asada,” which is the Chilean and Peruvian version, characterized by its direct cooking method, meaning it’s not prepared in a water bath, resulting in a crispy layer on top with a slight golden brown color.

Pro tips:

When you make the caramelized sugar, make it slowly and carefully, because it will be really hot and can turn caramel color really quickly.

Add enough water that all the sugar will be wet. 

When it starts boiling it will be clear and then start to be darker at that point you must turn off the fire. The darker the caramel the bitter it will be. After brown it could be slightly red and this is the most bitter point.

You could make the milk mixture in a large bowl and mix it with a hand whisker. I prefer to use a blender so and know the mixture is well blender.

If you want a smoother texture, you could strain the milk and egg mixture before putting it over the caramel.

Always cook your leche asada in a preheated oven, so will not stratify.

You could make your dessert in a large baking dish or small ramekins.

Variations in the leche asada recipe:

If you want to do a leche asada without lactose you could replace the milk with almond milk.

If you want a creamier texture you could replace 1 cup of milk with a cup of heavy cream.

You could replace the vanilla with ground cinnamon or cinnamon powder (or use both vanilla and cinnamon)

How long leche asada last:

Once your dessert is cool you must store it in the fridge (ideally covered with plastic foil) and it will last about a week.

NOTE: If you love soft dessert try this custard kuchen with raspberries

leche asada
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Leche asada recipe

Leche asada is a classic and great dessert that is a simpler and quicker version of the traditional flan.

Course Dessert
Cuisine chilean cuisine, peruvian cuisine
Keyword easy flan recipe, latinamerican flan, leche asada dessert, leche asada recipe
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 40 minutes
Servings 8
Calories 291 kcal


  • 4 cups whole or semi-skimmed milk
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • 8 large eggs

For the caramel:

  • 1 cup sugar. with a dash of water


  1. Preheat the oven to 350°F).

  2. In a small saucepan, put the cup of sugar with a splash of water, heat it over low heat without stirring until it turns into caramel.
  3. Carefully pour this caramel into the bowl in which you will make the “leche asada” (baked milk dessert).
  4. In a blender, mix the rest of the ingredients.
  5. Process until it is homogeneous and pour the mixture into the bowl with caramel.
  6. Cook directly over heat (without using a water bath, which is the major difference between flan and “leche asada”) and cook until a knife inserted comes out dry.
  7. The cooking time depends on the depth of the bowl, but it should be at least 30-40 minutes.
  8. Let it cool in al wire rack at room temperature.
  9. Refrigerate and enjoy!
Nutrition Facts
Leche asada recipe
Amount Per Serving
Calories 291
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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