The best and creamy 3 ingredients rice pudding recipe

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Rice pudding is one of those old recipes that you can find in almost every household worldwide, so it’s no wonder that this smooth and delicious homemade rice pudding fills us all with memories. Origin of this Dessert:  Since this dessert is such a simple and ancient recipe, there are no exact records of its … Read more

Lomo saltado recipe (beef stir fry peruvian style)

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This lomo saltado recipe or peruvian beef stir fry is my favorite peruvian dishes and one of the best examples of Peruvian cuisine. Where did this traditional Peruvian dish originate?  This dish originated in Peru and is what is known as “chifa cuisine,” a blend of Peruvian Creole cuisine with Chinese cuisine, as Peru experienced … Read more

Homemade 3 ingredient strawberry ice cream no churn

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With only 3 simple ingredients you can make this delicious strawberry and yogurt ice cream that has a creamy texture and is also very natural and nutritious. This delicious snack is ideal for those with a sweet tooth on the warm days of the strawberry season.

Chilean green sauce

chilean green sauce recipe

Salsa verde or green sauce is a classic Chilean dip or sauce, just like pebre or chancho en piedra, and it serves as an accompaniment to a wide variety of foods: meats, freshly baked bread, French fries, and many more. Like all classic recipes, there are many versions, so here’s mine. What’s in the salsa … Read more