Austrian vanilla crescent cookies

Vanillekipferl or Austrian vanilla crescent cookies are tasty and crunchy cookies are part of the tradition of Nordic Christmas recipes, although these cookies in particular can be found in cafes and pastry shops in Austria throughout the year.Their particular crescent shape or horns gives them an adorable and characteristic appearance. Part of the Nordic tradition … Read more

Easy dulce de leche dessert

This easy dulce de leche dessert is the simple and easy version of the well-known suspiro limeño. All of us who have ever prepared suspiro limeño know that it’s quite laborious to make, and YES it’s delicious (that’s why it’s one of the best known South American desserts worldwide) but if we think about it, … Read more

Florentine cookies

Florentine cookies are delicate, delicious and very beautiful, they are perfect for when you want to eat something sweet or to give away, and they are also very simple to make. I prepared them with almonds and walnuts, but you can use the nut you prefer or even add candied fruit. Also as it has … Read more



The quarkstollen or ricotta stollen is one of the typical Christmas delicacies in Germany. This recipe, unlike the dresdner stollen, which is the MOST traditional of the stollens during the holidays in Germany, is made with baking powder instead of live yeast (the same one with which kneaded bread is made) so in my opinion … Read more

Raspberry custard kuchen


This raspberry custard kuchen is a German- inspired delight. Although this recipe is with raspberries, we can make it with blueberries or blackberries simply by sustitutong them in the same quantity as the raspeberries, you could even use frozen raspberries, but there it is important to desfrost them very welland then let them drain in … Read more

Chilean pebre


Chilean pebre is the most popular sauce in the country, there is no typical Chilean food restaurant that does not serve a pebre dish and in each place the recipe has different touches, so here I leave what I consider to be the base recipe. This sauce is very similar to the Mexican pico de … Read more

Shrimp ceviche

This shrimp ceviche is fresh, light and delicious, perfect as an appetizer or appetizer on hot days. Ceviche is a preparation that can be found throughout the Pacific Ocean coast in Latin America, so there are multiple versions of the recipe, its “supposed” origin and the reason for its name. For example, one theory is … Read more

Conger broth

Caldillo de congrio or conger broth is, in my opinion, one of the tastiest dishes in Chilean cuisine. So much so, that the poet Pablo Neruda, our Nobel Prize winner for Literature, dedicated a text to him called “Oda al caldillo de Congrio” that appeared in the work “Elementary Odes” of 1954. “In the sea/stormy/of … Read more

Chilean vaina

The vaina is a Chilean cocktail so traditional that it is almost consumed more than the pisco sour (or when I was a waitress in a bar it was)It is made from some old sweet wine, cognac, white or malt vermouth, egg white (to make the foam) and sprinkled with cinnamon powder.This cocktail is very … Read more