Austrian vanilla crescent cookies

Vanillekipferl or Austrian vanilla crescent cookies are tasty and crunchy cookies are part of the tradition of Nordic Christmas recipes, although these cookies in particular can be found in cafes and pastry shops in Austria throughout the year.Their particular crescent shape or horns gives them an adorable and characteristic appearance. Part of the Nordic tradition … Read more

Florentine cookies

Florentine cookies are delicate, delicious and very beautiful, they are perfect for when you want to eat something sweet or to give away, and they are also very simple to make. I prepared them with almonds and walnuts, but you can use the nut you prefer or even add candied fruit. Also as it has … Read more



The quarkstollen or ricotta stollen is one of the typical Christmas delicacies in Germany. This recipe, unlike the dresdner stollen, which is the MOST traditional of the stollens during the holidays in Germany, is made with baking powder instead of live yeast (the same one with which kneaded bread is made) so in my opinion … Read more

Colemono, Chilean eggnog

receta cola de mono

The colemono or cola de mono (monkey tail) is a cocktail of Chilean gastronomy, made with brandy, milk, coffee, sugar and spices (optionally: cinnamon, cloves, vanilla and orange peel). Its alcohol content reaches 14 degrees and it is widely consumed at Christmas and New Year, often accompanied by Easter bread. Due to its sweetness and … Read more